We are very happy to work with you and feel confident about your service! - Ida Ragnarsson, Hilanders You have helped us before and we were very happy with your service. - Gudrun Eliasson, Apoteket Farmaci AB That was quick! Thanks, you really are great to work with. - Åsa Axelsson, Gutz Thank you very much for your excellent service! - Simon Price, Dalau UK


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"SIMON & SIMON is proud to be associated with Lingo Translations. The work of Charlotte Sievers and her team has invariably been carried out to a very high standard, delivered on time, and to the satisfaction of our clients."

Simon Robinson, Partner, SIMON & SIMON Corporate Language Training

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"Lingo’s professional way of handling quality translations is crucial for us as a provider of international marketing communication. We work with large and international companies who have high demands on their suppliers. That’s why we work with Lingo and have done so for many years."

Lars Holmgren, MD Comunicado

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Orckid Design & Marketing

"Orckid has used Lingo for a wide range of translation work for many years. We need prompt and accurate responses within agreed budgets - Lingo has always provided this."

Dan Ellis, Director

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"Lingo Translations is an important supplier for us. As a communication consultant for companies with a constant flow of news with short lead times, prompt deliveries and knowledge about our client’s products are of essence. Lingo offers prompt service and quality and we feel confident about using them, regardless if it’s about the odd letter or a translation of a whole new website"

Mikael Byström, Senior Advisor PRANDIR AB

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Blueprint Partners

"We are a London based marketing agency and have worked with Lingo Translations since 2002. We use them for translations into a number of European languages for a couple of our clients. The copy is often quite technical and is used for printed materials and on the web. We have always found Lingo to be extremely efficient, cooperative and accommodating. They are particularly excellent on fast turnarounds and in addition are competitively priced. We would not hesitate to recommend them."

Rachel Wales, Blueprint Partners