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Why should you use us

Many companies not only underestimate the importance of translations, they also accept poor quality translations of their own company documentation. But when you consider British Airways agonised whether they were “The World’s No 1 Airline” or “The World’s Favourite Airline”, you see how important words can be. Ask any copywriter – better still; consider that Shakespeare’s only product was his words. Let us prove to you that we fully understand and can demonstrate how crucial it is to get your documents correctly translated.

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The Power of Language

Inaccurate or unconvincing language generates uncertainty in the reader. Correct and fluent language generates the trust that is needed to promote understanding and rapport. Language is the glue that cements relations with customers, suppliers and the general public. Our mission is to help you use the language – English, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese etc – to achieve the goals you have set. It is what we excel at!

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It’s easy to work with us!

E-mail us with a brief and attach the documents you need to translate. We’ll revert back with a quote the same day. Once price and delivery time is agreed we’ll carefully select a translator who apart from being a professional linguist and has a way with words, also will have the knowledge about the subject matter. Finally the translation will be proofread before translation will be sent back to you, always on time!

About Us

Photo of Charlotte Jones Sievers and Karin Weibull

Lingo Translations was founded in London in 1997 by Charlotte Jones Sievers and Karin Weibull joined the company in 2006.

Both Karin & Charlotte have university degrees in English, German, Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Lund in Sweden and they are both dedicated to manage Lingo Translations and have built it to a very successful translations agency. They take great pride in dealing with all clients and translators in a very professional, efficient, friendly and personal way.


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